An escape from the 9 to 5

How many of us often find ourselves gazing out the office window—if we’re lucky enough to have one—daydreaming in meetings, or wistfully staring at those ready-made photos on the rotating screensaver? Thinking to ourselves, “I’d much rather be on a tropical beach with a Mai Tai in hand than doing another damn expense report.”

No matter the job, whether it’s great or horrible, people always need an escape. Escape from the boss, the coworkers, the meetings, the paperwork, the deadlines and demands, or just the responsibility of showing up every day, wearing the uniform, and punching the timecard.

For me, my escape is travel. I like my job, I’m happy to have one, and I enjoy what I do—but I LOVE to travel. It frees my soul, expands my horizons, and teaches me things about myself and about the world that I would never have known simply by sitting behind a desk all day. It makes me feel a part of something bigger and more important than me.

But it’s hard to always get away from the office—the demands rarely decrease, last minute projects pop up, no one’s there to cover your shift … the list goes on and on, of excuses and realities of why you just can’t get away. But isn’t it those times—the boiling point moments—when an escape is needed the most, or at the very least, the idea and the plan of a desperately needed vacation.

My goal with this blog is to share with you the best of my travel photos, for the days when you—when we all—are stuck behind the desk or knee-deep in the stress and demands of the job, and we long for a visual escape. I also hope my photos serve as inspiration for your own travels; to encourage you to use the time you have—whether it’s the weekend, or a holiday or one of those unused vacation days just sitting there gathering dust—and get out into the world. See something new or revisit a favorite spot on the map. It all starts with a dream, an idea—a desire to find relaxation and rejuvenation amidst the monotonous chaos of 9 to 5. Make a plan and start your journey today!

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