Today I Quit My Job to Travel for a Year

It’s true! I did something bold and brave and definitely a bit crazy. I left my stable, comfortable job at Baylor University and opted for the adventure of a lifetime. It’s not that I don’t like my job — it’s just that I want more out of life than being stuck behind a desk all day.

It all started nine months ago when I was struck with an epiphany. I had attended an event hosted by my department when all of a sudden, I was overcome with a surreal, almost out of body experience. I realized I was sitting in the midst of a triad—the perfect convergence of my past, present, and future. The event resembled so many from the early days of my career when I worked for the Baylor Alumni Association and hosted numerous, large-scale events for hundreds of people. The event I was attending that day was a good, quality event, but my role and responsibilities paled in comparison to the duties of my past. But the content of that event was life-changing. Three women formed a panel discussion on a small stage—two professional photographers and one financial advisor. The women shared stories of how they grew in their careers from humble beginnings to successful professionals by following their passion and landing (or creating) their dream jobs. And it hit me … “I have to do something more than what I’m doing right now.” It was the slap in the face I needed to truly ask myself the question, “What do I want to do with my life?”

That epic question had weaved its way through the patchwork of my life. As a child, the question was, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” In my teens, “Which college do you want to attend?” In my 20s, “What career path will you follow?” All had good answers and each stage came with peaks and valleys, blessings and heartaches, trials and tribulations—but in my 30s, I realized the question became much more weighted. The thoughts and appeasement of, “I’ll follow my dreams one day,” all of a sudden turned into, “Holy shit, I’m 37 years old and ‘one day’ keeps slipping further and further into the future.” So at that small event on that life-changing day, for what seemed like the first time ever, I examined my life-options with no barriers attached.

What I discovered—the true unearthing of my passion—was that I had an innate desire to document the beauty of the earth, the people in it, and the stories waiting to be told. I knew I could no longer ignore my calling—I had to be bold and brave and step forward through fear to realistically give my dreams a shot. My life journey had led me to a place where I had no husband, no kids, and no mortgage—and instead of continuing to make excuses for why I could never do something so bold as to travel the world, I started researching the possibilities.

So here I find myself … after nine months of planning, years of speculation, and a lifetime of dreaming—and I’m actually doing it! I don’t know what the future holds or what beauty and speed bumps lie ahead, but I do know I’m finally willing to give this a shot—to pay respect to my dreams and stop ignoring my passion. And hopefully, at the end of this journey, I can look back and say—I followed my calling, I gave it my all, and I have no regrets with what might have been.

10 thoughts on “Today I Quit My Job to Travel for a Year

  1. Good for you! My husband and I are about to do the same thing! We’re taking off on Sept. 12 with a one-way ticket to Bangkok! Good luck on your amazing adventures!

    1. Thanks so much! Bangkok — WOW — how fun!! Sounds like you guys have a cool adventure ahead!! I’ll definitely follow along with your journey!! Good luck to you too, and safe travels!! -Julie

  2. Good luck Julie, I’m so happy for you and can’t wait to hear about your adventures! I’m also very excited to view your beautiful photography. Safe travels, love, B

  3. Julie,

    I can honestly say this blog will make me very happy over the next year! I am so excited to see what you end up doing, where you explore, and how life changes for you. Travel has always been a major part of my life ever since my parents took me at 3 months old to California to visit extended family. Since then I have been to Europe 4 times, Asia once, Africa once, the Middle East once, Mexico two times, Canada twice, St Lucia, Dominican Republic, and over 40 of the states in our nation. I spent over a year of my life traveling by the time I was 16 and another since then.

    The experiences of travel have taught me a few very important thing in life:

    1.) We are very lucky to be able to see the World and what it has to offer.
    2.) New experiences should be valued over anything that we can purchase
    3.) We are all humans and we all laugh, live our lives, and cherish life.
    4.) Above all else, learning to be HUMBLE!

    We have known each other for a long time. I can say to you that there is not a better person that deserves this life experience. Much love from a long time friend and admirer! GO GET IT!

    Your bud for life,


  4. I think what you are doing is amazing! I actually met you at a cool little place called Highway 1 on the Northern coast of California a couple weeks ago and you gave me your card. Have fun, be safe, and take lots of pictures!!! I will be following along in your adventure! One day I will start my own blog too…you truly inspired me !

    1. Hi, Nita! Thanks for checking out my page! It was wonderful meeting you along Highway 1 – I hope you enjoyed the lighthouse! Happy to connect and thanks for the encouraging words. I believe in you and your adventurous spirit! xo-julie

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