Fun and Sun in Cozumel

Ahh, the beach. The sound of the ocean, the feel of the sand in your toes, and the fruity little drinks with umbrellas—what’s not to love!? I recently traveled to Cozumel, Mexico, with a close group of friends for a little relaxation and adventure. There’s something wonderful about traveling with female friends that makes the experience richer, more adventurous, and somewhat freeing. Maybe it’s that conversations have no barriers and that every topic is fair game—from kids and husbands to boob jobs and botox!

Cozumel Blog Photos_72dpi-71

What I loved about this particular trip was the relaxation mixed with adventure. The photos do a great job of capturing the moment and I had so much fun renting old Volkswagen Beetles and cruising the entire island of Cozumel. The thrill of driving a convertible stick shift, the open road in a foreign country, and the hilarity of the missing parts on our 1960s bugs: one license plate, two rearview mirrors, a headrest, and a hubcap! But it’s Mexico—and all part of the adventure!

As with any good trip to the beach, there were also endless hours of sun and sand—and plenty of beautiful things to photograph. Hopefully, a few of my images will serve as an inspiration to start planning your own beach vacation today!

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