The Dogs Days of a Summer Road Trip

There’s nothing better than hitting the open road and embarking on a new adventure, especially during the summer months. This year, I decided to take a solo road trip to the Great American Southwest, and I brought my two dogs along for the ride. The reason for the trip was threefold: to visit family in New Mexico, test out a long drive with my new Subaru Forester, and to find out if my fuzzy travel companions could handle a 32-hour round trip.

With the help of my go-to travel resource, I plotted four main photo stops along the way: Cadillac Ranch and Slug Bug Ranch in Amarillo, plus Albuquerque and White Sands, New Mexico. I was a bit leery about a journey with the dogs in the midst of scorching summer temperatures, but I remained vigilant to my surroundings, scouted-out shade spots at each of the stops, carried plenty of water, and mapped out a few pet-friendly motels, just in case they were needed.

The adventure was amazing! The dogs and I made it through with a little luck, a reliable car, and the perseverance to follow a wanderlust spirit. Plus, the pups were perfect—they snuggled together in the backseat, reminded me to stop every few hours to stretch, and provided great safety and comfort to me as a solo traveler in desolate desert terrain.

And the best part of the whole trip—the unexpected explorations were just as great as the planned adventures.

So be bold and be brave, and use those vacation days for an adventure!

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