Quick and Current Update – Ireland

Hello, friends! If you’re following along with my adventure on Facebook or Instagram, you’ll see I’m a couple of weeks into my travels – but still at the front part of my blog! I’m so linear with certain things, I feel I have to go in order with my blog posts … but I wanted to stay current and dive right into where I’m at now. So, I’m throwing linear organization to the wind and jumping ahead five or six articles!

Yesterday, I wrapped-up 17 days in the UK and headed to Ireland. The trip thus so far had been filled with beautiful scenery, sleepy towns and bustling cities. London was an explosion of culture, tastes, transportation – and surprisingly – gorgeous weather! There have been some ups and downs though … about a week and a half into my journey I hit an emotionally gloomy patch. Rainy days coupled with fear of the unknown had me in tears and telling myself, “I can always go home tomorrow.” A little ridiculous, I know, but those feelings were very real and part of my journey. I’m a hundred times better now and feel that with the help of sunny skies, lots of prayers – and a few calls to mom – I’ve gotten over the hump and I’m starting to get my rhythm back. The rhythm and comfortable confidence of … “I can do this.” I enjoy meeting new people, seeing new places, and exploring on my own. I’m excited to be in a new country, and even more excited to see what this country has in store for me. I have peace knowing that I still can go home tomorrow … but until then, it’s one foot in front of the other while giving this adventure the best effort I can!

Here’s a quick look at my first 24 hours in Ireland, all shot in Dublin with my new Samsung Galaxy S8+!

And my first meal … Guinness and Beef casserole! Ahhh, it’s like you’re right here with me!


13 thoughts on “Quick and Current Update – Ireland

  1. Hang in the girl, your doing something really special! I think of you everyday, you are not alone.🙏🏻😘

  2. I love seeing all your photos and hearing about your journey! I know it must be so exciting and emotional to be able to have this experience! You are amazing, brave and strong! Enjoy your time friend! ❤

  3. Mom will always make things better!!! Prayers work miracles too. I’m so happy you took that step forward and kept going, your pictures are always amamzing and it’s helping he rest of us that are unable to do what you are doing to be along side you in spirit! Lots of love

  4. Deep breaths and happy thoughts. Can’t tell you how many times you told me that! You’ve got this! This is who you are and what you live for. Think of how many lives you will brighten on these adventures. Sounds like a God given purpose to me!

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