Dust It Off and Dive On In

Well hello, friends, I missed you guys! It’s been a little while since my last check-in  — when I had recently returned from Africa and was just starting my summer adventure in Minnesota. My, how time flies!

Over the last few months I’ve continued to travel — a couple of road trips throughout the Midwest, a week in San Francisco, and holiday fun with friends and family. Plus, I FINALLY dug through my mountain of images and I’m excited to share the best of those photos during the launch of my new website on December 1! I also have 2019 calendars for sale now  … contact me if you’re interested!

I’m still flabbergasted by the incredible things I’ve seen, the opportunities presented, and the gift of exploration outside a desk job. One of my favorite quotes by Robert Morgan encircles my thoughts these days, “distance not only gives nostalgia but perspective.” 

Nostalgia and perspective — there’s been a lot of that in my world these last few months … and honestly, a wild ride of uncertainty, too. I always hesitate to write about the struggles of my journey, because who really wants to hear the ugly truth about the day to day? We salivate over perfection and grandeur as we scroll through the flawless images of Instagram, trying to BE that person or live that life we lust after. We want our adventurers to be humble and human, but we also want them to be our escape — always traveling, always exploring, and always on top of the world. But life is an interesting ride and it definitely comes with peaks and valleys. But more on that later!

For now, I just wanted to check-in, stop by, and say hello! I hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving and you’re surviving the holiday season in true fashion — food, friends, family drama, and fun!

Until next time … pretty photos to make you smile!

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