New York in the New Year

This year, I decided to kickstart my yearly adventures with a trip to New York City. I love using federal holidays as my motivation for a vacation—and I knew the MLK weekend fell within the first few weeks of January. I scored a low-cost, non-stop plane ticket through my favorite, no-hassle airline, and I was on my way!

It’s easy to see why people fall in love with the Big Apple—the people, the buildings, the energy! Sophistication entwined with grittiness, midtown traffic mixed with tourists, and the palpable electricity of the hustle.

I enjoyed submerging myself in the sights and sounds of the city—getting caught up in the current from time to time, peddling as fast as I could to keep up and look like a local. My proudest moment (second only to successfully navigating the subway) was when a New York native exchanged glances with me while waiting for a newcomer to awkwardly enter the turnstile. “Pfft, tourist,” he scoffed. I, of course, echoed his sentiment with a slight eye-roll and smile, “ugh, I know!” I felt as if I’d just been handed keys to the city.

NYC panorama w logo2

Adventure, new sights and sounds, and lessons from another city are right around the corner. Throw a dart, pick a place, make a plan, save some funds—a new perspective is well within your grasp!

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