Here I go again on my own!

Well, after 5 months (to the day) of quitting my comfortable desk job, I launched-out for another solo adventure … this time to the Pacific! 

It all started when a few of my family members told me they were heading to Hawaii for Christmas, and of course, I offered to tag along! I had a friend on the Big Island and had been wanting to visit her since she left Waco — so why not!? One week with her in Hilo and one week with my family in Honolulu for Christmas — what a wonderful way to celebrate the holiday with friends and family, plus, spend time in a new, beautiful place! Also, since I still had some money left and always wanted to travel to Australia and New Zealand, why not make this the third-leg of my year-long adventure!? Truly test myself and set sail half-way across the world to see what I could document and discover. So, I bought a one-way ticket to Hawaii for two weeks over Christmas and cashed-in my credit card miles for a second one-way ticket to Australia for New Year’s. What an adventure this would be!

And then I got the first text message. My family backed out. No one was going to Hawaii after all. Three days later, my friend texted. She was moving back to Texas. She would no longer be in Hawaii by the time I arrived. Well, crap. Best laid plans, right? With two tickets already purchased and paid-for with specific destinations, it didn’t feel right to back out. And then a wave of panic hit me … I’ll be ALL BY MYSELF FOR CHRISTMAS in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Granted, I’ll be in Hawaii, but still! By myself for Christmas! What in the hell just happened!?

But as any good solo traveler does — which, honestly, I never set out to become .. but life continues to steer me in that direction and I’ve chosen to embrace it — I dusted off my emotions, and with the help of my close friends, left my pity party and started formulating a plan. Where would I stay, what would I do to fill my time on the islands, how could I swing two extra weeks of finances? I always believe God has a purpose and a plan for our lives … and apparently He wants me to spend Christmas in Hawaii, alone. 

So, here I am! I packed my international bags once again, stepped over the nearly-debilitating fear that creeps up every time I’m a week out from a solo adventure, kissed my dogs and parents goodbye, and got on a plane to Hawaii. Because, why not. You only live once and this is part of my journey. After all, I quit my job to give my dreams a chance and try to tackle more than what’s comfortable and easy and mundane. Who knows … it could be fantastic. I mean, after all — it is Hawaii .. for Christmas … all by myself.  🙂 

5 thoughts on “Here I go again on my own!

  1. Not sure if you ever received the text I sent a few minutes ago. Very PROUD of YOU and your well written bog and photos and video!😘mom

  2. You ARE awesome… Enjoy your time alone in a great place! I love Hawaii, used to live in Kaneohe. Wish I could fly out and hang with you but you’ll be fine! 😉 enjoy!!

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