Four Islands in Fourteen Days

Well, I survived! Four Hawaiian islands in fourteen days all by myself over the Christmas holiday. I wasn’t sure what to expect — would it be easy to travel between islands, would it be as expensive as everyone warned, would I find places to stay, and the big question — would I survive Christmas by myself!?

The answer to all is, yes! I survived Christmas, found lodging, spent money (but also saved money by reaching out to friends of friends), and easily explored each island with the help of rental cars and flights with Hawaiian Airlines. There were some emotional ups and downs, of course, but it’s all part of the journey and I’m thankful and delighted I went through with the trip, tried something new, and made the most of my Hawaiian journey!

Here’s a look at the Hawaiian sights from my perspective — and don’t forget to check out my Instagram feed for daily photos from my travels! Mahalo!









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  1. Hi, Julie, I just saw and read your Australia Instagram pictures and words!
    Great photos! Am still having trouble seeing all on Instagram, but can see where you’ve been. 😘 mom

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